We are committed to the following services: –

  1. Integrity in claims handling.
  2. Equitable and speedy reporting within three days after the survey.
  3. Quality reporting
  4. Competitive fees
  5. Value added services


  • Claims Administration System

We are technologically up to-date. However, we maintain a philosophy that the principles of proper claims handling have not changed over the years. Our experienced team of adjusters and surveyors is able to provide quality services and their experiences give them the sixth sense to know what to do in virtually any claims situation. Technologies have assisted us by increasing our productivity and they have enabled us to create a wide variety of claims management reports to our clients.

We also utilized digital imaging equipment and this enables digital visual evidence to be stored for every claim. This can be transmitted via e-mail to you or be archived on disc or stored in our service provider server for any future reference.


  • Intranet (Own Networking)

Our office is fully computerized and we have our own intranet motor software for fast reporting as well as managing and tracking all motor cases from the date of receipt of assignment to the completion of the case. This system is also able to generate the accounting statement and print out the collection reports for our own internal use. It will be used as our contingency application in the event of any major breakdown to the web application.