Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of services to our clients and in this connection, we are pleased to advise the following claim handling / reporting procedures relating to our general claims:-

Immediate Advice
An immediate advice will be issued within 24 hours of the initial survey. If the Insured cannot be contacted immediately, a letter or an e mail will be sent to advise Insurers, Insured, broker or agent on the position.

Preliminary Report
Preliminary Report will be sent to Insurers within 3 days of assignment.

Status Report
If the loss cannot be settled within 7 days and so on, a status report will be submitted detailing the present position / status of the claim as well as any new development / information.

Interim Report
We shall discuss with the Insurers in the event of any interim payment if necessary (subject to terms & conditions of the policy). An interim report will be issued for any interim payment recommended to the Insured where appropriate when it is not possible to finalize settlement of the claim in full.

Final Report
We shall issue and submit the final report to Insurers within 5 days of receipt of full documents from the Insured.

Letter for Claim Documentation / Information
A letter will be sent to the Insured within 2 days after the initial site inspection and detailing the proper claims procedures and instructions to the Insured on documents required to substantiate the claim. When the requested information is not forthcoming, a reminder to the Insured will be sent immediately.

All mode of reporting shall be either by fax / e-mail or hardcopy of the reports to Insurers.
Apart from the above, our adjusters also adhere strictly to the various regulatory requirements on the claim settlement practices.